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As mentioned earli er, cross-sections of the distalmost part of the canal system are missing, and it is possible that the openings expand further distally.
The medial collateral ligament had the appearance of a dense whitish ribbon that started wide in the medial epicondyle of the humerus and divided distally into a cranial and acaudal portion (Fig.
2]-2A, distally inclined and surrounding distally the whitish cream spot in posterior half of Cu[A.
Middle femur slightly thickened on basal half, becoming more slender and gently curving distally, ventral surface armed with 14 moderately long, straight, sharp spines.
Pronotum without wrinkles, with abundant big punctures each bearing a setae, with anterior margin broad, lateral margins thin, not marked and not raised; expansion of frons on antennal insertion and genae without tuft of setae; epipleuron conspicuous throughout; male and female with metatibiae distally arched, male with distal third of metatibiae expanded, with short, golden setae forming an internal oval velvet-like surface.
The lateral cusps diverge mesially or distally from the central axis of the crown.
Endopodal segment with one proximal and one subdistal transverse row of strong spinules, with two stout lateral spines on inner margin, and three spines and two setae distally, one of them with comb-like tip.
Intraoral radiographic examination revealed that the root of maxillary left central incisor was bent distally at an angulation more than 45 to the crown portion, and well-defined periapical radiolucency was seen at the root apex [Figure 2].
Tibial bone exposure covered with the 1) the medial gastrocnemius flap, 2) the tibialis anterior flap (2 a: split part of the tibialis anterior muscle, and 2 b: the basic part of the tibialis anterior muscle) and 3) the distally based hemisoleus flap
Fracture of distally fixed, extensively porous-coated femoral stems is challenging for orthopedic surgeons.
2009, 223 patients were performed with conventional method described by MJ Brescia, (6) which is heel of the venous hood is kept proximally and foot of the hood kept distally and sutured to the radial artery.
Dorsal shield with 28 pairs of setae, most setae distally pilose; setae j1, j6, J2, J5, z1, z5, z6 smooth and needlelike.