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Wolf and her colleagues (41,42), using latent profile algorithm, have replicated and extended the previous findings that dissociation is a salient aspect of PTSD and individuals with a tendency to dissociative symptoms constitute a subset of people with PTSD.
The DSM-IV-TR defines dissociation as "a disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity, or perception of the
Although Freud began with dissociation as the foundation of his psychoanalytic theory, he later discarded this concept and instead proposed "repression" as a psychological defence mechanism involved in the formation of neurosis.
The dissociation energies (D) of bonds to ccp atoms were lowered by the resonance stabilization energy of 50 kJ/mol (12 kcal/mol) for each benzyl radical formed (9).
The AV dissociation in the pheasant was determined incidentally during a study to evaluate the electrocardiograms (ECGs) in 24 pheasants obtained from the Gelemen Pheasant Production Station, Samsun, Turkey.
As mentioned earlier, awareness of a client's use of dissociation as a defense against trauma can greatly aid in treatment.
She is now thought to be suffering bouts of dissociation - a condition where people can forget parts of their life following a shock or trauma.
Once dissociation is triggered, a patient starts a reckless activity such as bingeing on food, drugs, or sex or having flashbacks.
The accumulation of a weak acid in the bacterial cytosol--the internal fluid of the cell--will result in acid dissociation if the acid dissociation constant (pKa) is lower than the intracellular pH.
Even the existing Western explanatory models of dissociation fail to accommodate fully the communal aspects of dissociation in our South African context.