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, pl.


(thē'sis, -sēz),
1. Any theory or hypothesis advanced as a basis for discussion.
2. A proposition submitted by the candidate for a doctoral degree in some universities, which must be sustained by argument against any objections offered.
3. An essay on a medical topic prepared by the graduating student.
[G. a placing, a position, thesis]
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It seems fate dealt a hand, studying South Caernarfon Creameries as part of my final dissertation to now working here.
Students upload their dissertations and theses through the ProQuest ETD and have the option to provide open access to their work, set embargoes or earn royalties through distribution via subscribing institutions.
Berthold's dissertation coversheuristic algorithms and optimization
Wilson Foundation have expanded their partnership with the goal of making searching for electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) easier and more open.
The dissertation requires a complex process with interdependent tasks often involving many people.
Al Marzouqi developed and made six scientific papers during his dissertation research and studies.
Crockett's dissertation, "Investigating the Relationships Among Breathing, Attachment, and Emotion-Regulation," was chaired by Craig S.
Dissertation Network also highlights individuals that are performing at a high level, both academically and professionally, by showcasing their accomplishments in their featured Scholar and Industry Innovator area of the home page.
Researching and writing your dissertation takes a lot of hard work so make sure you have a lot of chocolate on hand to get you through
These Post-Its, tangible artifacts of dissertation work, constructed a manifest narrative of the work of the camp.
In practical terms, this meant that if a dissertation was produced for a school or faculty of missiology/mission studies, then we included it in our list.
The book is composed of twenty chapters in four parts: Laying the Groundwork for the Thesis and Dissertation, Developing and Defending the Proposal, Researching and Writing the Thesis and Dissertation, and Defending and Profiting from the Dissertation.