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, pl.


(thē'sis, -sēz),
1. Any theory or hypothesis advanced as a basis for discussion.
2. A proposition submitted by the candidate for a doctoral degree in some universities, which must be sustained by argument against any objections offered.
3. An essay on a medical topic prepared by the graduating student.
[G. a placing, a position, thesis]
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During the interview, Ms Witherspoon, 41, reacted to the dissertation by saying: "Aw, that's so sweet.
During the interview, Witherspoon, 41, reacted to the dissertation by saying: "Aw, that's so sweet.
Candidates must be citizens of and reside in Africa south of the Sahara, a master's degree, be enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited university in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, or Uganda, and be in the final year of writing and have completed at least one dissertation chapter.
Along with the increased scientific power in nursing, studies on CAMs are becoming more and more important in master's theses and PhD dissertations.
His dissertation is "Promotion of Early Pediatric Hearing Detection Through Patient Navigation.
ProQuest has been chosen over 30 other information and technology providers by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to support and enhance scholarship by supplying dissertations and theses to 50 Russian institutions.
Anyone who has completed a doctoral dissertation in the calendar year 2016 is eligible to submit a chapter or an essay based on the dissertation.
This year, the promotion prizes in the dissertation category were awarded to Dr.
Education researchers from the US and UK provide 19 chapters describing dissertation models and research methods implemented by professional doctorate programs in educational leadership in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.
The match between writing center dissertation writers and those who become Writing Center Professionals (WCPs) is not so much a matter of supply and demand as an example of the complexity of the broader field of writing studies.
Both the dissertation award and the induction into the Academy of Nursing Education were formally announced at the 2015 NLN Education Summit in Las Vegas, NV.
In 2014, the two organizations created American Doctoral Dissertation which contains indexing from the H.