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8) Justice Holmes, a great dissenter, referred to his "duty to express my dissent.
Power of dissent: 'A dissent in a court of last resort .
Despite our sincere efforts, it is now clear that the Duterte administration is incapable of tolerating dissent, no matter how constructive,' Robredo said.
They apparently could not achieve the consensus necessary to produce one united dissent of four justices, at least not without sacrificing the rhetorical intensity and originality that characterized each dissent.
12) No different is the Hobby Lobby opinion; Ginsburg was joined in her dissent, at least in part, by the notoriously liberal wing of the Court--Justices Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan.
While the CPI- M, CPI, Congress and JD- U submitted dissent notes on the Mines and Minerals ( Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2015, Congress, CPI- M and DMK have submitted dissent notes on the Coal Mines ( Special Provisions) Bill, 2015.
The first post-Accord dissent was at the November 12, 1957, meeting.
William Brennan, former Justice of the United States Supreme Court, declared that the right to dissent "is one of the great and cherished freedoms that we enjoy by reason of the excellent accident of our American births.
The resurgence of dissent in town halls, on street corners, and in public parks brings new promise for improved democratic life and citizen participation, says Stitzlein (education, U.
One of the most shocking demonstrations of fear of dissent is the happenings in Koodankulam.
Beyond Obedience and Abandonment: Toward a Theory of Dissent in Catholic Education