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Medtalk The spread of a pernicious process–eg, CA, acute infection Oncology Metastasis, see there.


(dis-em′ĭ-nāt″ĕd) [ ¹dis- + L. seminare, to sow]
1. Scattered throughout an organ or the body.
Of cancers or microorganisms, scattered or distributed over a considerable area.
dissemination (-em″ĭ-nā′shŏn)
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To study the impact of intelligent dissemination of information about competitors on market performance in vertical levels of organization in chemical companies.
The technology of university-community collaboration: A model for knowledge production and dissemination.
Lucier and Hook 1993) </pre> <p>This transformation of EHP positioned the journal to become the principal vehicle for the dissemination of basic research as applied to environmental public health.
With availability of secure e-mail systems, as well as Intranets in growing numbers of agencies, dissemination has become faster and easier.
Active surveillance was continued for 24 days to assess the effect of the employed control measures on the dissemination pattern of the outbreak.
What we are attempting to do comes under the general rubric of what we call convergence, meaning that we're striving for a universal, sensor-agnostic keypad architecture, tasking, processing, posting, exploitation, dissemination, all of that.
For significant contributions to the advancement of sand technology, beneficial reuse of foundry sand and dissemination of this technology to the metalcasting industry.
As the Internet developed, the information dissemination capabilities of a large network became apparent to those involved in the research.
We report the case of a 35-year-old woman with a 33-year history of juvenile-onset recurrent respiratory papillomatosis who developed pulmonary dissemination with malignant transformation.
GETTING THE WORD OUT However, the success of any new program in schools is dependent on the success of its dissemination and implementation efforts, so the NSF also supported a variety of development activities for such purposes.
He so uploaded it to the Chemistry Preprint Server for direct, immediate dissemination.
The third issue, concerning information standards, came about because of the consensus that most facets of information collection and dissemination are often unevenly implemented within the mine action community.

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