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A mutant gene that affects female Drosophila melanogaster, resulting in disinterest in copulation; in males, this mutation triggers indiscriminate copulation with males and females
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However, two respondent characteristics were related to the reporting of dissatisfactory critical incidents: marital status and the presence of children.
All of this is deeply important to beating out the competition, not to mention employee retention: Good employees won't stay at a dissatisfactory job unless they feel like they lack options.
Emotion, coping and complaining propensity following a dissatisfactory service encounter.
The response to restore the system was highly dissatisfactory resulting in discomfort to the consumers.
In a British Council report by newly founded commission, Ismail (2013) described that the youth in Pakistan are passing through a frustrating and dissatisfactory life because of the existing socio-political and economic conditions.
Those who leave their employment without bringing matters on table or with no attempts to alter the dissatisfactory conditions give organization no signals that there exist something of worst nature.
However, this new authority continues to rely on a dissatisfactory administrative regime for water in BC.
In order to judge service quality levels, hoteliers must be able to view reports detailing critical factors such as speed of request completion, the number of unfulfilled or dissatisfactory requests and performance by individual staff members.
Samples were identified under the categories of satisfactory and dissatisfactory self-esteem.
Responses were graded as very satisfactory, satisfactory, ok, dissatisfactory and very dissatisfactory.
Should he find that some minister's performance has been dissatisfactory, consequences will be dire.
WSNs routing protocols mostly consider energy efficiency to be the main objective and therefore result in dissatisfactory performance, when applied on WMSNs [17].