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/dis·rup·tive/ (-tiv)
1. bursting apart; rending.
2. causing confusion or disorder.


[″ + ruptura, breaking]
Socially or professionally unacceptable. Said of behaviors that adversely impact others, e.g., angry or intimidating outbursts, demeaning comments, or unwarranted criticisms.

Patient discussion about disruptive

Q. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. I thought that he is affecting by Bipolar. I need some help?

A. You are a good friend to care. He needs to get evaluated by a doctor. That is the one thing that will get the best care and help for your friend. Keep talking with your friend and getting things out in the open. That's the best you can do. Depression can come from repressed anger or a chemical imbalance, or a life crisis or other things. I am not a doctor or an expert on the subject, just a patient who got help from my doctor. Drinking will not help depression. It will make it worse.

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Mondopad is a giant 55-inch HD wall tablet that combines intuitive touch presentation and collaboration applications with cloud video conferencing to offer a disruptively priced all-in-one collaboration display.
Add to that a disintegrating pitch, the injury to Arjen Robben, a disruptively early kick-off - and Everton's precedent for upsetting long unbeaten records (Liverpool `88, Arsenal 2002), then a Chelsea defeat is clearly imminent.
The system is built to have a 2 decades operating life with a disruptively reduced levelized cost of energy compared to rival storage technologies.
If we can win against a team playing as disruptively as South Africa then it's a very positive sign.
This partnership enables us to produce a new line of disruptively small motion systems with best-in-class precision and power efficiency," said David Henderson, CEO and CTO of New Scale.