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/dis·rup·tive/ (-tiv)
1. bursting apart; rending.
2. causing confusion or disorder.


[″ + ruptura, breaking]
Socially or professionally unacceptable. Said of behaviors that adversely impact others, e.g., angry or intimidating outbursts, demeaning comments, or unwarranted criticisms.

Patient discussion about disruptive

Q. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. Hi, my friend is suffering from episodes of depression and abnormal behavior which disrupts his life. I thought that he is affecting by Bipolar. I need some help?

A. You are a good friend to care. He needs to get evaluated by a doctor. That is the one thing that will get the best care and help for your friend. Keep talking with your friend and getting things out in the open. That's the best you can do. Depression can come from repressed anger or a chemical imbalance, or a life crisis or other things. I am not a doctor or an expert on the subject, just a patient who got help from my doctor. Drinking will not help depression. It will make it worse.

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Register for the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2015 https://www.
In fact, she points out that the leading proponents of disruption suggest that even successful companies need to be in a state of constant disruptive innovation so that they are not devoured by as-yet-unseen competitors.
Mounting evidence suggests that disruptive behavior is a threat to patient safety, as it may result in errors, injury, or death (Evans, 2007; JC, 2008; Rosenstein & O'Daniel 2005, 2008; Saxton, Hines, & Enriquez, 2009).
The SC Coalition on Disruptive Behavior has put a number of resources on the SCNA website that we hope you will find helpful.
Changes to our disruptive tenants policy are designed to try and improve Housing SA s response to these issues, and ensure the rights of tenants are protected.
This is why The Joint Commission developed their standard on disruptive behavior as a safety initiative.
He was given the prize at the Disruptive Innovation Awards which are handed out during the Tribeca Film Festival.
Indeed, some disruptive, cutting-edge technology is nothing more than the rebirth of an older, tried-and-true, albeit significantly tweaked, process.
Markets that don't exist are tough to analyze, thus failure is an inevitable step in the disruptive process.
A survey of 840 physicians and physician leaders by ACPE and QuantiaMD found that 77 percent of respondents were concerned about disruptive physician behavior at their organizations.
In 2009, a review of the literature (Saxton, Hines & Enriquez) identified one research article that assessed disruptive behavior specifically in the perioperative setting.