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v to refute or to prove false by affirmative evidence to the contrary.
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The redundant insistence on disproving her opposition, combined with the violent imagery, reveals how easy it is for our students to envision argument as total conquest, a take-no-prisoners war with no survivors.
Under the circumstances, the court held that the taxpayers met their burden of disproving negligence.
In whatever field any of these groups were "underrepresented," the presumption was discrimination, and the accused employer or institution had the burden of disproving the presumption.
Jeff Short, an Auke Bay Lab scientist who has spent over 10 years studying lingering oil Prince William Sound and disproving Exxon's claims that oil is no longer affecting PWS.
And though there have been the occasional gripes, the foursome have generally collaborated well, disproving the skeptics who sniffed at the egos-to-basketballs ratio.
In Francesco Vimercato (1512-20), we again find explicit discussions of anatomical dissections purportedly disproving some aspect of Aristotelian biology.
Also on hand were James Randi (known as The Amazing Randi, a former magician who has devoted the past 20 years to disproving pseudoscience), NATURE Editor John Maddox and Randi's assistant, Jose Alvarez.
E[acute accent]The authors explain all aspects of litigating insurance coverage disputes in detail, including the varieties of policies and coverage, obligations of policyholders and insurers, and the nuts and bolts of proving or disproving coverage, from pre-trial motions through settlement.