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v to refute or to prove false by affirmative evidence to the contrary.
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Name the authority, and make him name the man of whom I borrowed the money, and then I can disprove the story.
And I added that John Cumnor was so convinced, and so all the more convinced by Miss Bordereau's tone, that he would have come himself to Venice on the business were it not that for him there was the obstacle that it would be difficult to disprove his identity with the person who had written to them, which the old ladies would be sure to suspect in spite of dissimulation and a change of name.
First we must disprove its impassability," I replied.
How well these indolent watchers discharged their duties, after the assault, has never been known, inasmuch as nothing occurred to confirm or to disprove their subsequent vigilance.
Your inexperience of the world, Miss Tulliver, prevents you from anticipating fully the very unjust conceptions that will probably be formed concerning your conduct,--conceptions which will have a baneful effect, even in spite of known evidence to disprove them.