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v to refute or to prove false by affirmative evidence to the contrary.
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IV coaches' poll, but has disproved the critics by reaching this level.
The latter included creative theories with features that in retrospect could look colorfully, even comically wrong to Enlightenment critics, prescient insights interwoven with facts that came to be disproved (some of them quickly, other less so), and interests in the magical and occult alongside efforts to demonstrate the natural basis of apparently magical marvels.
Cohen's demonstration that the continuum hypothesis could be neither proved nor disproved "caused a foundational crisis," Woodin says.
But the text itself reveals another and rather less agreeable portrait of Yorke as an impecunious chancer whose fabled technical competence is recurrently disproved and whose modest architectural talent was compensated for by constant networking and creative dependency on others.
Whether Jesus died on the cross or not, whether he was crucified or not, or whether he rose from the dead or not cannot be proved or disproved and comes down to a matter of faith.
The man-made Christian church decreed that God created a finished perfect universe in six days, but this was disproved.
The tests disproved the conventional wisdom that for small designs engineers will achieve better results by hand than with an automated tool, by demonstrating that, even on these designs, the Bluespec toolset achieves equivalent results.
It gets disproved time and time again, so let's spend our time to find what's truly causing it.
Rumors known to the group or submitted by visitors to the Web site are put into various categories, ranging from confirmed to disproved.
No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disproved the information contained herein.
But the notion that the Bush administration ``overhyped'' Hussein's WMD program is - like the BBC's recently disproved claim that British Prime Minister Tony Blair ``sexed up'' the evidence against Hussein - itself an overhyped charge.
Kronberg of the University of Toronto, who studies polarization and some years ago disproved a similar claim about the universe (SN: 8/7/82, p.