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v to refute or to prove false by affirmative evidence to the contrary.
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Controversy isn't new to this field--Americans still say the sun rises and sets even after Copernicus disproved that notion in 1530.
Vice President Cheney has continually stated that Iraq had WMDs and very strongly implied Saddam's alliance with Osama bin Laden in various speeches and on talk shows even though it's been continually disproved.
As quickly as ideas are formalised as 'best practice', they are, and should increasingly be, challenged or even disproved by new criteria.
Long before the Nobel ceremony, the observations of Cajal and others had disproved the network theory.
4) are boldly and persuasively disproved in Denis Hue's rich and very welcome overview of the early modern literary competition in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.
He anticipated a time when the world at large would assume that Christianity had been disproved.
The results in Phase 1 disproved the hypothesis, because organic produce had 18 present residues and non-organic had 16.
This disproved the then-current hypothesis that toxicity was due to necrosis.
We believe that both S-M and S have disproved the IRS's determination of negligence.
That movement relied on the truism that, no matter what its components, a pattern (such as a plaid) can always be seen as reaffirming the facticity of the surface it covers--a truism precisely disproved by Wanklyn's paintings, which are intensely spatial.
It roundly disproved the Cold War myths that equated capitalism with freedom and socialism with dictatorship, and it inspired idealists around the world.
What it amounted to was this: Godel showed that if you began with any set of axioms, there would always be statements within the system governed by those axioms that could be neither proved nor disproved on the basis of those axioms.