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The extent to which the dimensions of particles have been reduced in colloid formation.
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Sintering and electron beam induced nanoparticles aggregation directly effect to the observed nanoparticles size, shape and size dispersity.
4]C powders of 40-50 and [less than or equal to] 1 [micro]m dispersity, a separated from the substrate [B.
To the contrary, insufficient dipolar representation of the difference map in two cases could indicate great dispersity of the affected region.
This fundamental property change between materials of ostensibly the same average composition is due to the lack of dispersity in composition and tacticity for the P-E polymers.
Making Emulsions and Foams includes: Influence of Emulsifier Adsorption Kinectics and Emulsification Machine Construction on Dispersity of Oil-in-Water Emulsions; Protein-Stabilized Emulsions Prepared by Microporous Glass Method, followed by a subject index.
Six grades available, differing mainly in active ingredient content, molecular weight and dispersity in water.
The number average molecular weight (Mn) and poly dispersity index (PDI) obtained are given in Table 3.
GDS dispersity, size and quantity of air bubbles were defined by means of photomicrography with preliminary freezing samples in liquid nitrogen.
where F(x) in equation (2) is the cumulative density probability function, x is the selected microhardness value, [eta] is characteristic value, and m is the Weibull modulus that reflects the dispersity of data in the distribution.
As shown by the mechanical measurements that, compatilizer PPg-MAH not only improved the compatibility of PP/ABS, but also promoted the dispersity of OMMT particles in continuous phase PP and dispersed phase ABS; PP can be reinforced and toughened by both layered silicate OMMT nano particles and ABS.