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Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage software divides data into "slices" using simple linear algebra equations called information dispersal algorithms (IDAs(TM)) and disperses these, via secure Internet connections, to multiple storage locations.
Recommended for coatings and pastes, it disperses one or more finely divided solids into liquids and will simultaneously deaerate.
The panels act like the sound board of a piano," says Andrew Williams, NXT's director of Marketing, "so sound disperses evenly across the panel, which eliminates the 'hot' and 'cold' sound spots cone speakers create in a vehicle interior.
With the possible exception of the bush pig, it was the only animal that eats and disperses seeds greater than 11 millimeters long.
To illustrate, precipitated silica dust readily disperses in water, a polar solvent, because the water easily wets the surface of each particle.
According to study responses, the average Federal employee, who commutes five days a week, disperses eight tons of pollutants into the environment and spends $10,580 commuting to and from work annually.
A Cleversafe dsNet divides digital content into "slices" using Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) and disperses the slices, via secure network connections, to multiple storage nodes on a Dispersed Storage Network.
The amount of clay that disperses depends on the amount of energy applied, and soil properties (Rengasamy et al.
Typically, the packaging is a sealed, low melt bag which disperses into the final compound during mixing.