disper (disˑ·per),

n an emulsifier based on lecithin used to hold essential oils in a stable dispersion.
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Therefore, OWS must be installed at sufficient distances away from wells and surface waters to allow for possible nitrogen concentration reduction by such processes as denitrification, dilution, and disper sion.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Local businessman and former Lion's Choice executive Mark Disper, in partnership with the principals of St.
Whether the demand or supply factor dominates is unclear, so we do not predict the coefficient on Disper.
To construct this simple emulsion, the internal phase is added to the outer phase with high agitation mixing such as disper blending or homogenization.
Metcalf (1982) presents evidence that confirms that, consequently, pay disper sion was lower among union members than among their non-union counterparts in the late 1970s.
We thank Steve Disper for synthesizing oligonucleotides, Mieko Ogura for immobilization of oligonucleotides in some experiments, and summer students Yuko Ishikawa and Yuri Takemura (Gunma University, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan) and Koji Taniguchi (Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan) for contributions in some preliminary experiments.
1 Crosslink PVA L 49-51 HeatSure 5-4068 Polyurethane Disper.
Sarfeh (DVA Medical Center, Long Beach) for their contribution in our preliminary studies, and Steve Disper (Hitachi Chemical Research Center) for synthesizing oligonucleotides.
Cantera, a 650-acre mixed-use development in Warrenville, was the preferred location for the Chicago debut of Lion's Choice because of the area's strong residential and business demographics, as well as its easy accessibility from the I-88 interchange at Winfield Road, according to Mark Disper, President of Lion's Pride L.
We are excited about bringing our style of product and service to the customer of Cantera," said Mark Disper, president of the franchise group expanding to Cantera.
It seems that the interaction that is caused by the long graft chain acts a mechanism that favors repulsion and better disper sion, leading to reduction of the storage modulus at high graft ratio.
The cavitation around disper sed filler particles and matrix yielding thereby contribute to impact energy absorption (22); it has also been suggested that impact strength is independent of dispersion when using notched impact tests since, unless the agglomerates are very large, the notch creates a much greater degree of stress concentration.