dispensing optician

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optician, dispensing 

One who fits and adapts spectacles and contact lenses on the basis of a prescription by an ophthalmologist or optometrist (or ophthalmic optician). In many countries dispensing opticians cut and edge lenses and fit them into a frame. See optical dispensing; glazing.
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Another "big opportunity," he said, was in the optometrist's handover to the dispensing optician which offered the chance to discuss the best options for the patient.
The dispensing optician advises on the lens type, styling of frame and takes frame and facial measurements in relation to lenses.
To work as a dispensing optician you will need to have the ability to deal with scientific and mathematical information, accuracy and attention to detail, practical skills with the ability to handle special equipment, good communication skills, patience and a pleasant and approachable manner and also important is the ability to promote and sell glasses and contact lenses and an understanding of style and fashion.
Uttley was training to be a qualified dispensing optician when he pocketed the cash, totalling PS1,111, between May and November 2012.
Mum Dee, 25, a dispensing optician, said: "We are delighted to have a daughter born on such a special day.
There were no showrooms--patients were just shown a few frames that the optometrist, or occasionally the dispensing optician, felt were suitable for them.
David's son Steven joined them in 2007, later qualifying as a dispensing optician.
Mrs Malpas-James, a dispensing optician not qualified to carry out eyesight tests, had been alleged to have altered NHS free voucher forms before they were submitted.
Medi-optics at Cardiff Gate Business Park has appointed Jon Hunter as dispensing optician and practice manager.
To practise as a dispensing optician you must be registered with the General Optical Council (GOC).
He also outlines the valuable role and complex requirements of a dispensing optician.