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demonstrated that commercial dispeners (each containing 150 mg pheromone) placed at either the customary 250 dispensers per acre or at 188 dispensers per acre significantly reduced the number of VMB males caught in pheromone traps.
A total of 70,000 PEZ dispensers featuring the three Red Nose characters - Dinomite, Triceytops and T-Spex - will be stocked from the end of January by a range of retailers, including Sainsbury's, TopShop and B&M Bargains, in the run-up to Red Nose Day on March 15.
Today it employs 700 people worldwide and 65 million of its sweet dispensers and 4.
The medication dispenser transmits the medication status with the REPLACE command when the server requests it or the timer reaches the transmission time.
UL approval is also pending for two new Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser capabilities: high ethanol-grade blending at the dispenser and support for up to E85.
There are two individual touch-free hand towel dispensers - the 'M Fold' anti-jam model for 750 towels and the compact Mini M Fold for smaller washrooms containing 500.
The EZ-Fit Lid Dispenser dramatically improves the organization of self-serve beverage counters:
However, helping consumers choose the right spice dispensers and mills does require educating them about the category's finer points.
Dispensing modes range from small, personal-size bottles with flip or pump tops for individual staff use to larger, portable pump bottles or wall-mounted dispensers for strategic location throughout the facility.
The powder pop dispenser, NSN 6640-01-491-6490, that is part of the WQAS-P chlorine photometer, NSN 6850-01-487-8812, now comes as two separate dispensers.
based Kimberly-Clark Professional's Elect-R-Matic "smart" towel dispenser automatically provides one sheet of Kleenex Hard Roll Towels each time hands are placed below the dispenser.
To celebrate the addition to the innovative heavy duty range--VELCRO[R] brand Heavy Duty Giant Stick On Coins--Velcro Ltd is giving readers of The Grocer the chance to win a money generating gravity dispenser unit worth 45 [pounds sterling].