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The result has shown the precise and efficient identification of trisomic and disomic animals at any developmental stage with minimally invasive procedures.
By growing the disomic addition lines (DALs) under different growing conditions it may help to find genes useful for making wheat adaptable to unpredictable conditions.
Some of the methods correct for the fraction of cell-free DNA in the maternal circulation that originates from the fetus, as this influences the magnitude of aneuploidic chromosomal dosage observed against the backdrop of the much larger maternal disomic contribution.
Our use of three-color FISH allowed us to compare the frequencies of various disomic and nullisomic sperm within the same samples and to assess whether the disomy and diploidy errors occurred during meiosis I (X-Y-21 and X-Y-21-21) or meiosis II (X-X-21,Y-Y-21, X-X-21-21, Y-Y-21-21).
With a threshold value of 5% (as based on the normal controls), 19 uveal melanomas (38%) were categorized as disomic for chromosome 3 and 31 (62%) as having monosomy for chromosome 3.
It may also be a result of the increased incidence of sex chromosome abnormalities caused by meiotic errors in subfertile men with a high frequency of disomic sperm, he commented.
The origin of triplo 3 has been explained in terms of nondisjunction of a ring bivalent in disomic plants.
For noninvasive trisomy 18 detection we showed that with the use of RSTD calculations for chromosome 18, all trisomy 18 samples (n = 9) were correctly identified as being aneuploid and all euploid controls and trisomy 13 samples as being disomic for chromosome 18.
Locating QTLs controlling drought tolerance criteria in rye using disomic addition lines.