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The number of sperm scored and the number of disomic nuclei identified were summed for each subject and used as the unit of analysis.
The ability to detect a small increase in the amount of an individual chromosome in a pregnancy, thereby determining whether it is trisomic or disomic, depends on the proportion of fetal cfDNA that is present in maternal plasma, compared with maternal cfDNA.
The products of these genes act directly or indirectly, by affecting the expression of disomic genes.
Also, colorectal tumours distinguishable by fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) analysis of EGFR as homogeneously disomic or with low chromosome 7 polysomy have a reduced response rate to panitumumab [5].
We have developed and released 17 disomic, chromosome substitution (CS-B) lines through hypoaneuploid-based backcross chromosome substitution, using as recurrent parent a previously developed monosomic or monotelodisomic near-isogenic backcross derivative of TM-1.
The increase may be explained by an underlying gonosomal mosaicism in the patient; however, there seems to be strong selection against disomic gametes.
Langdon-dicoccoides disomic substitution lines [LDN(Dic)] were analyzed for Type II resistance.
It may also be a result of the increased incidence of sex chromosome abnormalities caused by meiotic errors in subfertile men with a high frequency of disomic sperm, he said.
Genotypes of the offspring from the three crosses were compared using a goodness of fit G test to genotype ratios expected under three different genetic models: tetrasomic inheritance with no double reduction; tetrasomic inheritance with double reduction; and two-gene disomic inheritance.
If the disappearing chromosome originally came from the parent who contributed only one, then the child may harbor cells that are uniparentally disomic.