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Increased swelling power is indicative of the suitability of such starch for use as a disintegrant in the pharmaceutical industry.
Sometimes, morphologically distinctive pill components such as the disintegrant polymer crospovidone (blue) may be present, producing a deeply basophilic corallike particle.
Noviant has extended its Nymcel[R] disintegrant range with the addition of Nymcel ZSX-W, generically known as croscarmellose sodium.
Fonio starch has good disintegrant and binding properties [3, 4], and possesses good glidant properties [5].
The perforated surface enables free ingress of water beneath the sample and dispersion of the disintegrant.
PanExcea MHC300G is a homogeneous particle that serves as a filler, binder and disintegrant for immediate release applications.
Historically, formulations in the development of new drug products contained native corn starch, which was used as both a binder and a disintegrant.
Wayne, NJ Tel: (973) 628-3610 Fax: (973) 872-1583, (973) 628-3999 Disintex-200; Disintex-600 Description: cellulose polyvinyl polypyrrolidone blends Applications: Disintex 200-dishwashing and household cleaning tablets; Disintex 600-laundry detergent tablets Use levels: 2-6% Comments: Safe and cost-effective tablet disintegrant blends optimized for dishwashing, household and laundry tablets.
One of the judges commented about the nomination: The product is actuallyvery good and delivers for both direct compression applications and as a disintegrant, which is good news, and offers a real alternative to cellulose combinations.
The high-functionality formulation typically requires less binder, lubricant and disintegrant, and eliminates the need for conventional binders, glidants, and other support ingredients.
KG, Krefeld, Germany, have patented a compacted disintegrant granulate for tablets that contain a water-insoluble cellulose that swells in water, at least one polymeric binder of a polymer or copolymer of methacrylic acid and/or salts and at least one liquid surfactant.