A tear in the extreme periphery of the retina that ends at the ciliary ring; it may occur as a result of trauma and is common in juvenile retinal detachment.
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Levator disinsertion with frontalis sling surgery were done in 13 patients with Marcus Gunn jaw-winking phenomenon (8.
We therefore hold the insufficient venous drainage, which, prior to disinsertion was mainly assured by the posterior intercostal veins, responsible for flap congestion and its subsequent failure in the distal half.
8) In the management of orbital compartment syndrome secondary to orbital hemorrhage, cantholysis has been shown to lead to a significantly greater reduction in intraocular pressure than that which can be accomplished by either lateral canthotomy or canthal tendon disinsertion alone.
3) were the first to report this complication and they suggested that it may be related to the disinsertion of the nasal portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle and periosteum at the time of periosteal cleavage.
Authors' purpose that pain management with the ropivacaine scalp block may be justified because of dense C fibers scalp innervation and main cause of pain after craniotomy seems to come from skin incision and muscle disinsertion, instead brain manipulation or resection.
Mandibular deformities comprising a reduction in size of the coronoid process have been related to disinsertion of the temporal muscle.
Ptosis due to disinsertion or thinning of the levator aponeurosis require surgical repair and a minimally invasive approach directed specifically at the levator aponeurotic defect has been found useful25.
Place of internal disinsertion of the subscapularis muscle in the treatment of obstetric paralysis of the upper limb in children.
Loss of pilocarpine effect on outflow facility following surgical disinsertion and retro-displacement of the scleral spur in the cynomolgus monkey.
Disinsertion of sigmoid mesentery had caused sigmoid perforation through which injured mesentery had found way to go outside (Cause for patient's history of passing fleshy material in stools).
Wertz RD, Romano PE, Wright P inferior oblique myectomy, disinsertion and recession in rhesus monkeys.
Recently, age-associated changes resulting in aponeurotic disinsertion of levator palpebrae superioris (involutional ptosis) have been recognized [8].