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, disinsectization (dis'in-sek'shŭn, dis'in-sek-ti-zā'shŭn),
Freeing an area from insects.
[L. dis-, apart, + insect]
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Karin Winegar claims that the Department of Transportation's involvement with the issue of disinsection on international flights was due to an article she wrote for Conde Nast Traveler in 1994.
Although airline disinsection has gone on for many years, the U.
Contract award notice: Delegation of concession management of the sanitation service for the activities of deratization, Disinsection and disinfection in the city of deva
Contract notice: cleaning, disinfection, rat extermination, and disinsection service of the health centers and local office of the management of integrated care of manzanares - 61032500cr18ser00001
Contract notice: Disinsection, deratization and disinfection service of the health centers assigned to the Health Logistics Platform of Seville.
Contract notice: deratting, disinsection and disinfection of premises managed by the central administration of economic and financial ministries
Tenders are invited for "Implementation of Decommissioning, Disinsection and Deratization Services on the Territory of Stara Zagora Municipality" The present public procurement includes activities related to the decommissioning, disinsection and deratization of areas on the territory of the Municipality of Stara Zagora / lawns, parks, gardens, playgrounds and streets, networks.
Contract notice: Recruitment of the cleaning, Deratization and disinsection service of public housing buildings of the public enterprise entity of housing, Donostiako etxegintza
Contract notice: Integral maintenance, Cleaning, Disinfection, Disinsection and deratization service (ddd) of the premises and facilities of the border post and customs area of el tarajal (ceuta)
disinfection, disinsection, rodent control, control and capture of stray animals and birds for the centers attached to the sanitary logistics platform of crdoba.
Contract notice: Cleaning and ddd (disinfection, Disinsection and deratization) of the facilities of the buildings under the department of health of orihuela