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, disinsectization (dis'in-sek'shŭn, dis'in-sek-ti-zā'shŭn),
Freeing an area from insects.
[L. dis-, apart, + insect]
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Tenders are invited for Disinfection, disinsection and disinfestation
Although airline disinsection has gone on for many years, the U.
Contract notice: Deratisation disinsection and disinfection services of the sites of the general council of martinique.
Contract award notice: performance of preventive spring and autumn deratization disinsection and in the city of clay in 2015 and 2016, with the aim of concluding a framework agreement with one tenderer
Disinsection (decontamination) of containers for household waste.
Treatment patch: off operations rodent, disinfection and / or disinsection municipal buildings including St.