disease susceptibility

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dis·ease sus·cep·ti·bil·i·ty

(di-zēz sŭ-septi-bili-tē)
Predisposal to or having a risk of a disease.
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This is the first evidence that early in utero exposure to genistein results in decreased adult chronic disease susceptibility by producing permanent alterations in the epigenome.
That a genetic basis exists in schizophrenia is beyond dispute--mutations have been found on multiple genes--but it now appears that many of these genes code for disease susceptibility, rather than the disease itself.
Be it for full genotyping, disease susceptibility, ancestry, paternity, or other purposes, the general public has more access than ever to DNA-based diagnostics.
Our work suggests the possibility that telomere length is a relatively consistent marker across the life span and that it can start predicting disease susceptibility in young adulthood," said Professor Cohen.
Fine cocoa production is estimated to be less than 5 percent of the world cocoa production because of low productivity and disease susceptibility," said Guiltinan, professor of plant molecular biology.
These markers of disease susceptibility could then be further validated within a clinical research environment to assess the functional relevance of gene-environment interactions as it contributes to the development and progression of human disease.
They also discuss racial, cultural, and social factors in disease susceptibility and care.
Genetic traits do appear to underlie some differences in disease susceptibility and response to therapies.
This may go far to explain some of the individual variability in disease susceptibility, other than genetic variation, in animals in the wild and perhaps humans, '' she said.
These genes can then be tested as candidates for human disease susceptibility through mutation analysis.
GSN operates a CLIA-certified laboratory in Redwood City, California, providing testing services to guide doctors in screening embryos for chromosomal abnormalities and disease susceptibility during in vitro fertilization.
Understanding whether and how developmental genes influence disease susceptibility will allow identification of many new targets for therapy.