discrimination, legal

discrimination, legal,

n a situation that leads one to treat unequally or unfairly on the basis of race, gender, national origin, religion, or handicap.
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A professor of law at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, Davies teaches administrative law, contracts, employment discrimination, legal history, legal profession and torts.
They face insuperable barriers, discrimination, legal and regulatory hurdles, lack of economic opportunities, poor working conditions, and the absence of the institutional, societal support neededto leverage them into economic and public life.
person-job fit, workaholism, ergonomics, hazardous materials, discrimination, legal issues) that received sparse research interest.
If such rules are violated or refugees face discrimination, legal actions must be taken.
While it found some difference in the experiences of older (those over the age of 40) and younger workers, the committee could not determine whether such differences were the result of illegal age discrimination, legal conduct by employers that may be perceived as discriminatory, personal choices, or the ramifications of a rapidly changing industry.
The report cites instances of racial discrimination, legal discrepancies and racially-motivated acts of violence, and makes recommendations for program and legislation to help the Roma, whilst acknowledging the efforts of candidate countries to implement reforms helping the Roma, in the run up to EU membership.