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discretion (dis·kreˑ·shn),

n in Native American medicine, avoiding the act of bragging or revealing a dream helper's identity. This is one way of circumventing a breach of taboo. See breach of taboo.
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According to the two-stage procedure, the efficiency coefficients for each municipality were obtained in the first stage in the assessment, which exclusively considers discretional variables.
This principle expresses the logical relationship that must exist between discretional decisions and the evaluation of all public and private interests involved in the circumstances of the case.
The two-member New York State Board of Parole said in its brief decision that discretional release for Chapman, 53, is C[pounds sterling]not compatible with the welfare of society at large.
And his decision to stay focused on Morrisons' roots in fresh and value is now looking even better as the credit crunch has hit discretional non-food sales hardest.
We have to make tough decisions with discretional funding, and our budget reflects that," says Samara Yudof, press secretary for the Department of Education.
In Mexico, we observe the discretional powers of government officials, especially in regard to the oversight and supervision of agencies responsible for carrying out justice.
The programs are intents of producing impacts on the situation of well-being or on capacities of the Producers or their families through transfers, interventions or specific treatments; they always suppose the mobilization of a normative pattern that allows evaluating that well-being or growth of capacities, which results in a discretional policy or of a convention.
On the issue of discretional allocation of oil blocks, Okogwu said the practice had since been jettisoned because of a number of measures taken by government to discourage it.
A legal definition would serve as a limitation to this discretional power.