denumerable character

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de·nu·mer·a·ble char·ac·ter

classifiable character that is also countable (for example, number of progeny, number of teeth).
Synonym(s): discrete character
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Constant character of the metal pool hardening and discrete character of inflow into it of the metal of different composition inevitably causes repeated inhomogeneity of chemical composition of the metal over height of deposit.
Fractal-based point processes--which exhibit both the scaling properties of fractals and the discrete character of random point processes according to Lowen (psychiatry, Harvard Medical School) and Teich (electrical and computer engineering, Boston U.
Doubles and diptychs abound in these poems, allowing Matthias to draw connections between apparently discrete characters and phenomena.
These fields are broken down into discrete characters that are then classified by ICR algorithms and assigned confidence values by the ICR recognition engine.
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