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n 1. an allowance or deduction made from a gross sum.
v 2. to reduce the amount of a professional fee.
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As the expansion continues, Tire Discounters is focused on building upon an increasingly diverse employee base.
MEATY OFFERS Big four supermarkets are trying to lure customers back from discounters
85 percent of discount shoppers plan to continue using discounters even after their personal financial circumstances improve--indicating that although the current boom may have been partly triggered by tough economic conditions, the sector should remain buoyant even after the economy returns to growth
Carrefour and Tesco's private-label strategies in France and the UK respectively have been particularly adapted with a view to compete more effectively against discounters.
The company has received from around 1995 complaints from small shops specializing in Matsushita products that discounters cut prices of Matsushita goods such as television sets and audio equipment by large margins, the FTC said.
Five trades that might cost you $350 in commissions at Charles Schwab might cost $125-$150 at deep discounters such as Dreyfus Brokerage, Brown & Co.
We believe moving our headquarters to downtown Cincinnati makes great sense for our company's growth plan, but it's also important for me because this means Tire Discounters Headquarters will remain in the same region it first started 39 years ago," said Cincinnati native, Chip Wood, Founder and Chairman of Tire Discounters.
Those from higher socio-economic groups with children are the most likely to use discounters more at 39%, compared with 30% of lower income-earners with children.
The big question is - why did the chain struggle when all the other discounters are flying?
Although this marks the first time Target and Neiman Marcus will be housed on the same property, the deal reflects a broader trend of discounters acting as mall anchors alongside department stores.
In their spring rollouts, two of the Big Three discounters introduced 300-thread-count sheet programs: Wal-Mart unveiled a Springmaid 300-thread-count pima blend while Target broke with its private-label brand Premier a 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton program.
We are pleased to announce 600 new discounters now accept the card.