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n 1. an allowance or deduction made from a gross sum.
v 2. to reduce the amount of a professional fee.
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Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corporation is offering a special discount to conference attendees travel ing to Toronto from March 20-March 30, 2007-10 percent savings on the lowest fare available at the time reservations are made.
In the example, Harry wants to buy some dining room chairs that a furniture store is offering at a 25% discount off the $2,000 regular price.
If the discount rate is derived from public market data, more often than not it is reflective of a minority interest and the value derived would be a minority interest.
RIA has been TEI's exclusive affinity partner for tax research for almost a decade, having previously worked with the Institute to provide significant discounts to TEI members.
said Janeth Gonzalez, whose family owns the Super Discount 99 Cent store, which is right next to Gladys' Outlet Discount.
Tax Court ruled that because a parent retained too much control over the property in an FLP the valuation discount did not apply, a finding that subjected 100 percent of the assets to estate tax.
AICPA members receive a 5% member-only discount off Sprint's already competitive rates.
Who Is Eligible for the Medicare Discount Card Now?
An additional 5% discount is added when a three or four year warranty is selected--for a total of 10%
Most of the discounting that the Lumina report warns is leading to disaster is the simple tuition discount that is totally unfunded.
The discounts will be applied automatically to your account, no matter how many shipments you make.
In taking the discount rate action, the Federal Reserve Board approved the discount rate request submitted by the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.