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radiography of the vertebral column after injection of radiopaque material into an intervertebral disk.


Historically, radiographic demonstration of intervertebral disk by injection of contrast media into the nucleus pulposus.
[disco- + G. graphō, to write]


, discography (dis-kog′ră-fē) [ disk + -graphy]
Use of a contrast medium injected into an intervertebral disk so that it can be examined radiographically.


Diskography may increase the risk of disk degeneration and herniation.
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5 However, although development of spondylodiscitis has been reported after other intradiscal techniques especially diagnostic discography, infection associated with IDET has not been specified.
In the brief introduction, Gibbs pains to situate his work within the tradition of discography following Brian Rust, with special mention of similar work by Tim Brooks (Lost Sounds, 2004).
Plain radiography (anteroposterior and lateral views) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the lumbar spine and discography of the suspected discs were performed in all patients for diagnosis.
He also discusses the concepts of discography (for individual artists, historical periods, and jazz styles) and meta-discography (for every jazz record ever made).
The discography includes Aznavour's works created from 1948 to 2011.
Intervertebral disc level, which showed degenerative changes on MRI and which was concordant with LBP, was selected as the main target for provocative discography.
Packaged with photos and an exhaustive discography, Nicholson's is perhaps the most thorough biography of the First Lady of Jazz to date.
The volume concludes with two very useful appendices prepared by Peter Urquhart: a list of works and a discography.
Her discography is expected to grow right alongside her 23 opera roles, 16 of which have been male.
The paperback is somewhat heavy and unwieldy, but music fans will cherish it, and the amount of detail provided as well as the discography makes this useful for reference too.
Salem's annotated discography is of interest as he locates all of Johnny Ace's known recordings, comments on the accompanying personnel, records labels, and includes brief musical analyses.
When you look at Discography One and Two, both 1983, you can almost hear their internal, syncopated music.