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radiography of the vertebral column after injection of radiopaque material into an intervertebral disk.


Historically, radiographic demonstration of intervertebral disk by injection of contrast media into the nucleus pulposus.
[disco- + G. graphō, to write]


, discography (dis-kog′ră-fē) [ disk + -graphy]
Use of a contrast medium injected into an intervertebral disk so that it can be examined radiographically.


Diskography may increase the risk of disk degeneration and herniation.
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His closing chapter about the present state of jazz discography may be a little difficult for some readers because of the technical descriptions of the computer programs used to prepare some discographies.
37) On the other hand, in the volumes of The German National Discography the discographies are arranged to the performers and then chronologically to recording sessions, so the two aspects are somehow mixed.
The computer age has seen the introduction of jazz discographies on CD-ROM as well as the Internet.
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The year 1936 saw the publication of what are generally acknowledged to be the first modern discographies: Robert Donaldson's Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music (New York: Gramophone Shop) and Charles Delaunay's Hot discographie (Paris: Hot Jazz); what made them different from previously published listings of recordings was the greater thoroughness and consistency in the information they presented.
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