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The graphic record, usually radiographic, of diskography.
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The affected discs were selected based on previous discograms and MRI analysis.
The following parameters were recorded: age, sex, duration of LBP, MRI findings, provocated disc level, discogram patterns, LBP intensity on a visual analog scale (VAS 100 mm), Quebec Back Pain Disability score (20 items, scored from 0, no disability, to 5, impossible to do; range of final scores 0-100), finger-tip-to-floor distance (cm), and duration of sitting without pain (min).
We evaluated the provocative disc levels and Dallas discogram patterns.
Note: a fluoroscopic image of intravascular uptake captured by this author during a lumbar discogram is shown in Figure 7.
When performing the discogram, a radiologist injects contrast into the nucleus pulposus of a suspected diseased disc under fluoroscopic guidance.
The Nociscan Virtual Discogram is an investigational spine diagnostic platform, and is a new application of MR spectroscopy (MRS) to non-invasively measure disc chemistry as a brief extension of standard MRI exams.
2] However, MR is essential prior to a discogram procedure because it helps determine which levels of the spine are suspect and should be injected with contrast should a discogram be necessary.
The Nociscan Virtual Discogram is an investigational new software-based application of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) - an available mode of using most high field MR systems for non-invasively measuring tissue chemistry adjunctive to "MRI" for imaging tissue structures.
If injections, discograms and other more advanced treatments and diagnostics weren't ordered, it's likely the injuries were minor.
Discograms were carried out in doubtful cases to confirm discogenic origin of pain.
A good portion of our business is performing myelograms, discograms, and epidural steroid injections.