disclosing solution

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dis·clos·ing so·lu·tion

a solution that selectively stains all soft debris, pellicle, and bacterial plaque on teeth; used, after rinsing with water, as an aid in identifying bacterial plaque.

disclosing solution

Etymology: L, dis + claudere, to close, solutus, dissolved
a topically applied dye solution used to stain and reveal plaque and other deposits on teeth.

dis·clos·ing a·gent

(dis-klōz'ing ā'jĕnt)
A selective dye in solution or tablet form used to visualize and identify soft debris, pellicle, and bacterial plaque on the surfaces of the teeth; in dental offices, a solution is most commonly used; chewable tablets are available for use in home dental care.

disclosing solution,

n a material, usually some form of dye, applied to the teeth to stain plaque on the surfaces of teeth. It is used to help patients identify plaque in their own oral cavities. See also plaque.
disclosing solution, two-tone,
n a type that stains older plaque blue and newer plaque red.