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This paper considers whether the predictive advantage of disaggregate models remains when forecasting subnational data.
Disaggregate out-of-pocket expenditures into those for Medicare services and all others.
Teachers can disaggregate data in the reports by student characteristics such as ethnicity, free lunch, ESL, grade level and other customized characteristics.
There must be momentum for change in which campuses that do not disaggregate data explore with student groups and local community groups whether there is a need or rationale for pursuing changes to their datasets.
And you really do need good tools to disaggregate data," says Jaanne Tice, city of Burlington Public School District technology coordinator.
June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Omnipoint Corporation announced today that it has carried out a decision previously authorized by its board of directors to disaggregate some of the company's Personal Communications Services (PCS) radio frequency spectrum, and has returned some unneeded licenses outside its core areas of operation.
In the case of thrombolysis, the ultrasound energy has been shown to reversibly loosen and disaggregate fibrin strands in clot, and to drive drug deep into it to access more binding sites faster than conventional lytic infusion.
Until now, the open source community developed voice applications in isolation from each other," said Moshe Yudkowsky, President of Disaggregate and lead developer of Voice Conference Manager.
During this time, companies will also disaggregate their businesses into separate units under common ownership.
At Love Elementary School in Houston Independent School District, for example, teachers can disaggregate data, take scores from standardized tests and figure out why students answered wrong on any question, according to teacher technologist Patricia Garcia-Perez.
The company's protein processing technology employs hydrostatic pressure to disaggregate and refold recombinant proteins from aggregates and inclusion bodies.
However, the audit guide states that even if a preparer disaggregates this information for evaluation purposes, the auditor should not establish more than one opinion unit for the aggregate opinion unit.