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A group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of disaccharides, producing two monosaccharides.
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Commensal organisms may synthesize glycosidase, leading to damage of glycocalyx or disaccharidases.
paraguariensis from a commercial source were able to ameliorate diabetes status since a significant glucose tolerance improvement was observed, the liver glycogen was stocked, disaccharidases were significantly inhibited and protein glycation was dramatically reduced in the presence of the fractions or infusions.
Distribution of disaccharidase activity in the small bowel of normal and lactase-deficient subjects.
The effects of SUCRAID(TM) have not been evaluated in patients with secondary (acquired) disaccharidase deficiencies.
In rats, fed ginger (50 mg% for 8 weeks) enhanced pancreatic lipase activity was found (Platel and Srinivasan, 2000) and also enhanced intestinal lipase, disaccharidases, sucrase and maltase activities (Platel and Srinivasan, 1996).
Disaccharidases (lactase and maltase) are mainly secreted by small intestine mucosa and epithelium.
The supernatant was collected for further analysis of disaccharidases, diamine oxidase (DAO), malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismatase (SOD), nitric oxide (NO), total nitric oxide synthase (tNOS) and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS).
The activity of disaccharidases and AKP as the functional enzymes in BBMVs affects small intestinal nutrient absorption.
Previous report has indicted that administration with high dose (372 [micro]g/d) EGF in 21 days weaned piglets for three consecutive days, but not with low dose (124 [micro]g/d), can elevate jejunal disaccharidases (sucrase and lactase) activities (Jaeger et al.
Intestinal disaccharidases of young tuckeys: temporal development and influence of diet composition.