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The HEATH Resource Center, sponsored by the American Council on Education, assists students with learning disabilities to identify appropriate colleges and universities.
Approximately one-quarter of students with learning disabilities choose teaching as their occupation (Adelman & Vogel, 1993; Vogel & Adelman, 1997; Wertheim, Vogel, & Brulle, 1998).
Roberts and Smith (1999) reported that participants from their study held negative attitudes towards children with disabilities in areas that were not affected by the impairment.
We have found that the majority of issues associated with disability arise with existing employees who acquire a disability after they have been hired, or the fact that a disability that did not require any accommodation was exacerbated over time, and traditionally, many faculty and staff stay within university systems due to the good benefits provided," says Jones, who is also a member of the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities at UIC.
By age 65 and over, however, a greater proportion of minorities, compared to white non-Hispanics have severe disabilities (Table 1).
Part 3, Title II issues, includes three separate areas: Kriegel and Hockenberry take us for a walk and a ride, respectively, in New York, followed by an interesting presentation of the legal issues in regard to mass transit and curb cuts; Tollifson shares her experiences with getting a driver's license, which is followed by a discussion about testing and disability which challenges readers to explore their own beliefs--should people with disabilities be tested differently than people without disabilities?
Some instructional strategies that benefit students with learning disabilities can be incorporated into the general curriculum, benefiting other students as well.
The purpose of this article is to review relevant research on cognitive decision-making skills and to demonstrate how these skills facilitate the overall development of students with mild disabilities (Wehemeyer, 1993; Dunn & Shumaker, 1997).
The Committee received 49 submissions from labour and organizations concerned with persons with disabilities.
The expectations and beliefs that individuals with disabilities have about their own abilities, potential, and competence inevitably influence their choices throughout the VR process.
Department of Education statistics show the number of children diagnosed with autism being served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act growing more than fivefold during the 1990s (see Figure 1).
Were job related disabilities accepted as an unavoidable fact of the textile worker's life?

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