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a listing of the files in a computer storage device, such as an area of a hard drive or other storage device. A device may contain many directories to facilitate organization of files.


n 1. an organized list of names, organizations, or other data bases for ease of retrieval or reference.
n 2. the listing of files in a computer storage system.
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A secure, first step in this regard is a directory management strategy including automated tools that allow a network administrator to integrate and manage directory data at an enterprise level.
is the leading provider of virtual directory solutions for identity management and enterprise information integration.
Active Directory gives administrators a central repository for managing information on users, computers, applications, and network resources (including network hardware) with an extremely high degree of granularity.
Change Detection - Detects critical changes made to the directory, and records the detail to ensure accountability and meet audit requirements.
5, which uses the Kerberos network authentication protocol, combines the core elements of the standard and proven RadiantOne virtual directory with the capability to virtualize authentication to multiple back-end data sources.
Quest InTrust(R) for Active Directory provides automated tracking of all changes to Active Directory and Group Policy settings.
As the number of client machines that move in and out of the directory continues to grow, organizations are faced with the monumental task of enforcing security policies on these endpoints," said Danny Kim, CTO of FullArmor.
Spotlight on Active Directory is excellent," said Marcelino Campos, IT infrastructure manager, ADT Security Services Inc.
We are pleased that we can now centrally manage identities on our Solaris systems via Microsoft Active Directory," said Ron Thomson, Computer Center System Administrator at Central Michigan University.
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