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1. Order for procedure in health care according to mandate of supervisory personnel or dictates of other prevailing authority.
2. Alignment of movement from one bodily locus to another (for example, cephalad, caudad).


Bringing about the free balance of the head on the spine and the resulting release of the erector muscles of the back and legs which establish improved coordination.
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1. Order for procedure in health care according to mandate of supervisory personnel or dictates of other prevailing authority.
2. Alignment of movement from one bodily locus to another.
[L. directione]


orientation within the body.

caudal direction
towards the tail end of the body.
cranial direction
towards the head end of the body.
distal direction
distant from the long axis of the body.
dorsal direction
1. the surface directed towards the back or spine.
2. the extensor surface of the distal limbs.
lateral direction
the surface directed away from the median plane.
medial direction
towards the median plane (a vertical plane passing through the body from nose tip to tail tip).
palmar direction
the flexor aspect of the foot, below the carpus, the surface directed towards the ground.
plantar direction
below the tarsus, the surface directed towards the ground.
proximal direction
closer to the long axis of the body.
rostral direction
towards the head or mouth.
ventral direction
the surface directed towards the belly or ground.

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Malaysia's leading network carrier, is expanding its network infrastructure using an intelligent Ciena solution featuring advanced optical technologies that include 40G, OTN switching and directionless ROADMs.
Anna, who is played by ``Monsieur Hire's'' Sandrine Bonnaire, is an unhappy Parisian housewife so directionless that, when she gets off the elevator for an impulse visit to a psychiatrist, she turns the wrong way and ends up spilling her guts to a financial adviser instead.
The FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index ended flat in directionless trade as investors stayed on the sidelines ahead of the weekend, dealers contacted by Xinhua Financial Network said.
Its annular form round a dreary central void (admittedly crossed with dramatic travelators in transparent tubes) is directionless, extremely confusing and difficult to extend.
PIR has been relatively directionless over the past several months, shuffling sideways below the 20 mark.
Kaur, the wife of cricketerturned- politician Navjot Singh Sidhu, said the state government was visionless and directionless and had made only false promises.
In New York overnight, the dollar remained directionless against the yen in a thin trading as the Fed kept its monetary policy intact at its two-day policy meeting that ended Wednesday, dealers said.
New Delhi, Feb 28 (ANI): Asserting that nothing has been done to curtail inflation, the Opposition on Monday dubbed the General Budget 2011-12 to be directionless, saying it has brought no relief to the common man.
Tomas Lemarquis gives a skillful performance in the title role of ``Noi,'' a film about a directionless Icelandic albino teen.
The yield on the benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond remained flat Wednesday in directionless trading, with little reaction to news that a Japanese rating agency had downgraded Japanese government bonds by one notch.
Shaw is a directionless, natural talent who just needs a little focus, mothering and discipline to turn his life into something.
Since mid-2002, the shares have been relatively directionless, remaining range-bound between the 20 and 30 levels.

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