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Recent AMA policy notes the controversy surrounding solicitation for directed donation, but also recognizes that there may not be an ethical problem if a system of solicitation increases the total number of organs available while not reasonably disadvantaging those on the waiting list.
Shopping the Internet for organ recipients functions like directed donation to an individual, but the process practically invites donation to groups.
LifeSharers members use a form of directed donation that is legal under federal law (and the laws of all 50 states) to offer their organs first to other registered organ donors.
However, there can be no denial that the summary rejection of the request for a directed donation had a "chilling effect.
Directed donation "challenges the currently dominant maximin interpretation of the principle of justice forcing us to consider a prima facie true egalitarian interpretation as an alternative" (401).
A component of the legislation allocates 5% of the program's funding to a "demonstration program" for directed donation of cord blood for the benefit of a relative with a medical need.
Directed donation, while no panacea, may provide one alternative.
LOS ANGELES, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- OneLegacy, the non-profit, federally designated organ and tissue recovery organization serving the seven-county greater Los Angeles area as part of the national organ transplantation network, facilitated the transplant of a kidney to Natalie Cole via a directed donation from a deceased donor.
The effort included hold a rally in Union Square, setting up a Web site seeking a directed donation, and even trying to track down critically ill trauma victims, the New York Daily News reported.
That a third adolescent patient was also awaiting a donor heart at that institution only highlights concerns about directed donation.
Kurzrok, a directed donation was not what led to this life saving transplant.

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