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/di·rect/ (dĭ-rekt´)
1. straight; in a straight line.
2. performed immediately and without the intervention of subsidiary means.

direct (dīrekt´),

adj relating to any restorative procedure performed directly on a tooth without the use of a die (e.g., a wax pattern formed in the prepared cavity), silver amalgam, or one of the powdered, granular, or foil golds compacted into a prepared cavity.
direct access storage device,
n a device used for storage of direct access files. It could be a magnetic disk or diskette units.
direct billing,
n a process whereby the dental professional bills a patient directly for his or her fees.
direct gold,
n any of the forms of pure gold that may be compacted directly into a prepared cavity to form a restoration.
direct pulp capping,
direct reimbursement,
n a self-funded program in which the individual is reimbursed based on a percentage of dollars spent for dental care provided, allowing the beneficiary to seek treatment from the dental professional of his or her choice.
direct retainer,
direct retention,
direct supervision,
n a circumstance of treatment in which the dental professional must be present on the premises to diagnose, authorize, and approve all work performed on the patient by the members of the dental staff.


without intervening steps.

direct antiglobulin test
see direct coombs test.
direct capture ELISA mastitis test
measures polymorphonuclear antigens in milk sample as an indication of elevated milk cell counts and therefore presence of mastitis.
direct contact
see direct contact.
direct costs
see variable costs.
direct effect
the effect of one variable on another without passing through a third variable.
direct immunofluorescence testing
see fluorescence microscopy.
direct oxidative pathway
see pentose phosphate pathway.
direct relationship
see direct relationship.

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Q. Is it possible to have pin worm on directly on the skin of your fore arms? I've had this condition for more than a year. The only thing that makes a difference is something to kill parasites. Nothing works efficiently. I itch all over beside having big sores on my arms and back. I've hade blood test that show that there are no parasites in the blood. So now what do I do? I am constantly digging this out of my skin, and the buggars jump.

A. I'm seeing a dermatologist. They said it wasn't scabies. That's what I thought it was at first. I keep breaking out in new places. The Dr. say's it's dermititous, but I'm seeing something different. Went I first broke out with this I felt crawly in the area I now have the sores.

Q. Can any one direct me to a website which offers information about "must to know during Pregnancy " tips and advices ? i would consider it a great favour and i'd be very thankful .. at the moment i'm about to explode ... i feel like i am far of being ready ... i think that without a good preparation i won't be a good father ... :(

A. Hey, Jim.. you can try several links (which are my favorites) here : (I suggest you to buy the book version, it's quite complete and informative) (this is my personal blog, just click on pregnancy tag words, then you can find several article I wrote about pregnancy)

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Given the strong support for direct supervision in the literature, the question of the extent to which these practices are used in training practices is paramount.
The concept of and need for direct supervision generally are easily understood and implemented, although clinical staff may need to be reminded occasionally about the proper use of direct supervision.
Employees performing services that directly support other employees who are engaged in the performance of qualified research or in direct supervision engages in direct support.
2) The students are under continued and direct supervision by either representatives of the school or by employees of the business.
Islamabad, Sha'ban 25, 1434, Jul 4, 2013, SPA -- In line with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and direct supervision of Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Interior, who is also the Supervisor General of the Campaign to Relief the Pakistani People, the campaign will launch Ramadan foodstuffs' baskets for needy families in Pakistan.
The RDH MLP would work under direct supervision of a dentist and may even have private practice with a contractual relationship of direct supervision of a dentist who would see the patient within a reasonable period of time.
The first question to be settled is the scope of direct supervision by the ECB.
The cleaning operation is continuing under the direct supervision of commissioner and district coordinating officer Rawalpindi.
The Inmate Behavior Management Initiative includes services on direct supervision jails and assistance related to effectively managing inmates in any jail, regardless of the physical plant design.
Also, Kieffer's group recommended restricting most city commissions to advisory rather than management roles so the mayor would have more direct supervision of department heads.
A partner will generally be personally liable only for his own conduct and the conduct of those under his direct supervision.
In order to qualify for the CPM designation, candidates must demonstrate at least five years of effective property management experience, as defined by IREM, or three years if under the direct supervision of another CPM.

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