direct relationship

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direct relationship


without intervening steps.

direct antiglobulin test
see direct coombs test.
direct capture ELISA mastitis test
measures polymorphonuclear antigens in milk sample as an indication of elevated milk cell counts and therefore presence of mastitis.
direct contact
see direct contact.
direct costs
see variable costs.
direct effect
the effect of one variable on another without passing through a third variable.
direct immunofluorescence testing
see fluorescence microscopy.
direct oxidative pathway
see pentose phosphate pathway.
direct relationship
see direct relationship.


the state that exists when one variable is related to another variable in some way.

direct relationship
when changes in the value of one of the variables is mirrored by a change in the same direction in the other variable.
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Retail service providers can do this without sacrificing control of their brand or losing the direct relationships they have established with their subscribers, and network operators can allow this to happen without losing the ability to provide location-specific content and services.
Our commitment to direct relationships is increasingly being enabled by the growth in customer preference for online communication.
The company has several thousand small and medium sized business customers, and direct relationships with over 600 retailer hubs.
Building a list of consumers who have demonstrated interest in your health and food products and have agreed to receive relevant information and offers, fosters best practices and is ideally suited for brand marketers seeking to build more direct relationships with consumers.
CYA changed its European distribution strategy to leverage market opportunities and establish direct relationships with end users and reselling partners.
JI managed care service capabilities provide employers and groups with programs that include direct relationships with local, regional and national hospital and physician networks.
Our goal is to enable billers to realize returns on their investment in online bill presentment and payment without having to sacrifice their direct relationships with customers," said Matthew Idema, Vice President of Global Business Development at Yodlee.
Accordingly, the Company expects its revenues, as well as its operating results, to be negatively impacted by these direct relationships.
This operation, in a region increasingly known for its advanced electronics hub, will give us far broader access to both India's dollar- and rupee-based information-technology markets, and we believe more and more customers will be drawn to the advantages of direct relationships with Dell," said Mr.