direct ophthalmoscopy

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di·rect oph·thal·mos·co·py

examination of the ocular fundus with a hand-held instrument containing both a light source and exchangeable magnifying lenses; the examiner views the fundus directly.

direct ophthalmoscopy

Observation of an upright image in the ocular fundus.
See also: ophthalmoscopy
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As part of any retinal assessment, whether undertaken by direct ophthalmoscopy, slit lamp binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy or using a fundus camera, optometrists always evaluate the state of the retinal vasculature.
Heart rates and respiratory rates were obtained, and direct ophthalmoscopy was performed.
Direct ophthalmoscopy is widely used for fundus examination, with pupil dilation frequently required due to the high prevalence of media opacities encountered.

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