direct costs

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direct costs

in managed care, the costs of labor, supplies, and equipment to provide direct patient care services.


without intervening steps.

direct antiglobulin test
see direct coombs test.
direct capture ELISA mastitis test
measures polymorphonuclear antigens in milk sample as an indication of elevated milk cell counts and therefore presence of mastitis.
direct contact
see direct contact.
direct costs
see variable costs.
direct effect
the effect of one variable on another without passing through a third variable.
direct immunofluorescence testing
see fluorescence microscopy.
direct oxidative pathway
see pentose phosphate pathway.
direct relationship
see direct relationship.
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On reflection, this is not very surprising; certainly, tests with high direct costs are the ones which most need in-depth financial justification.
The accounting system should include a timekeeping system that identifies employees' labor indirect costs and/or direct costs to a particular contract.
According to Forrester Research, indirect costs could amount to seven times more than the direct costs themselves.
It is vital that you be meticulous when calculating direct costs for a job.
Greater Than Inflation Growth in the Direct Costs of Workplace Injuries (1998 to 2000) The cost of disabling workplace injuries and illnesses grew faster than inflation between 1998 and 2000.
Direct costs account for such expenses as hospital and nursing home care, physician and other professional services, rehabilitation, medical equipment, and prescriptions.
Use only variable direct costs to estimate current cost per patient and then assume a 10 percent to 20 percent reduction in those costs.
Their weighted average direct costs rose and productivity fell in servicing last year, as waves of payoffs and loan setups tested servicing shops around the country.
The military services will find, while they are paying additional direct costs, the revamped personal property moving program will provide a greater return on investment.
Direct costs of obtaining an option related to the acquisition may be capitalized.