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This direct contract notice only applies to the following e-learning material (the original invitation to tender a sub-area C), junior high Spanish.
The new Arla Direct contract offers a standard litre price of 30.
Welltec Corporation, a Danish-based oil and gas services company, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a direct contract from Total Angola (TEPA) for the supply of conveyance and intervention services.
Under the new direct contract, which was signed on November 15, gas prices for Bulgaria may drop by over 20% compared to the January 1, 2012 tariffs.
PSA Pilots fly regional aircraft under the US Airways Express brand and they have been in direct contract negotiations with the carriers management since June 2009.
I would like to note that the direct contract on gas supplies at $195 was signed for the first time with Kazakhstan.
Chancellor Hisham Magdy, representative of the public funds prosecution, presented to the court a report issued by the deputy head of the State Council in 2008 saying that the contract was illegal and violated Article 7 of the tenders and auctions law since it was not necessary to issue a direct contract.
Council report reveals massive cost of BT Liverpool Direct contract 2.
Once a direct contract is signed between Georgian stockbreeders and Iranian customers, the prices for Iranian sides will be decreased while profits for Georgian sides will be increased," he added.
The extension of the NHS Direct contract reinforces the support from our
The Court of Appeal agreed that James could not assume she had a direct contract with the council, regardless of her length of service.
The biggest source of fish purchases by primary processors is at auction (42%), followed by direct contract with fishing vessels.