direct contact

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direct contact

mutual touching of two individuals or organisms. Many communicable diseases may be spread by direct contact between an infected and a healthy person.

direct contact

Transmission of a communicable disease from the host to a healthy person by way of body fluids (e.g., respiratory droplets, blood, or semen), cutaneous contact, or placental transmission.
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without intervening steps.

direct antiglobulin test
see direct coombs test.
direct capture ELISA mastitis test
measures polymorphonuclear antigens in milk sample as an indication of elevated milk cell counts and therefore presence of mastitis.
direct contact
see direct contact.
direct costs
see variable costs.
direct effect
the effect of one variable on another without passing through a third variable.
direct immunofluorescence testing
see fluorescence microscopy.
direct oxidative pathway
see pentose phosphate pathway.
direct relationship
see direct relationship.
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Lightly spray clothing, especially children's, and avoid direct contact with skin.
Would the presumption that the contact is direct contact lobbying apply?
Summary: Ben Affleck has recently signed up to Twitter and is happy to have direct contact with his fans.
Re L2 and O (post-adoption contact) The High Court (Morgan J) Delivered 20 December 2007 This case concerned an adoption application made in relation to L2 and O, aged seven and four respectively, whose mother (M) and father (E) and siblings now applied for direct contact post adoption.
Today, all inner parts of the internal mixer, which are in direct contact with the compound, are temperature controlled, with the mixing chambers and the door top having drilled passages in close proximity to the inner surface.
I have had direct contact with Hamas, but not in the last few days.
CCHF in humans is an acute viral disease that is transmitted by the bite of infected ticks, direct contact with blood or infected tissues from viremic animals, and direct contact with the blood or secretions of an infected person (1).
Equatemp nozzles feature a one-piece body and integral heater in which all surfaces of the heater are in direct contact with the nozzle body with no air gaps.
SARS is primarily spread by close contact with infected people, direct contact with ejected droplets of infected bodily fluids through sneezing or hand contact with infected settled droplets on furniture and fixture surfaces.
This approach speeds the treatment of skin lesions and requires no gels, electrodes, or direct contact with the skin.
This product also offers the advantage of an applicator tip that does not need to come into direct contact with the wound surface during application of the material, thus reducing the potential to disrupt wound edges.
A laboratory sample of Pfiesteria shumwayae, one of two named Pfiesteria species, slays fish only by direct contact, says Robert Gawley of the University of Miami in Coral Gables.

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