dipole moment

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di·pole mo·ment

the product of one of the two charges of a dipole and the distance that separates them; an important measure of the degree of polarity of many biomolecules.
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Onsager included the effects of the reaction field into the local field and obtained the following relationship for the static field that, and unlike the Debye equation, can be used to model the dipole moment of some pure liquids:
This is because the two strands that compose the helix are oriented so that the dipole moment of one strand cancels the other.
Previously, the conformation of a repeat unit of uniaxially oriented atactic PSt was assumed; angle y between the transition dipole moment vector of the out-of-plane vibration of the phenyl ring and the chain axis was determined [25] by plotting the orientation function of the main chain [f.
The standard model of particle physics predicts that atoms should have virtually nonexistent electric dipole moments, so finding one could mean that an undiscovered particle or force is at work.
Effect of External Electric Field upon Charge Distribution, Energy and Dipole Moment of Selected Monosaccharide Molecules.
While the ab initio calculations indicate a higher polarity of this molecule, resulting in a dipole moment of 2.
They demonstrated that the rate of dipole moment decay is weakly sensitive to the particular mixing flow pattern, but varies with the magnetic Reynolds number, a measure of the velocity of the flow.
With a higher dipole moment led to higher birefringence by the exposed samples and increased the holographic recording characteristics.
Changing the dipole moment changes the layer's stability and its relationship with water, the researchers say.
This result concurs with previously reported results that indicate that the productivity of fiber formation increases with an increase in the dipole moment and dielectric constant of the solvent (20), (21).
The interaction (23) contributes to the electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron and to the isovector P,T-violating [pi]NN coupling constant [bar.
Meanwhile, we calculated the dipole moment and charge density of the trail phenyl in the biphenyl side chains, as shown in Table 1.