dip phenomenon

dip phe·nom·e·non

complete disappearance of ventricular excitability followed by progressive recovery within a few microseconds at the end of excitation; the muscle as a whole repolarizes somewhat inhomogeneously, so that this period is one of special sensitivity to exogenous or endogenous stimuli and reentry.
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95) which explores all facets of the dip phenomenon.
q] (class A operation); W-CDMA ACPR requirements are satisfied under this operation, attributed to an ACPR dip phenomenon.
Based on the close correlation, a first-channel ACPR dip phenomenon is explained in terms of a similar IM3 characteristic.
It can be seen that the linearity of the HJFET is improved due to the ACPR1 dip phenomenon under the low [I.
When the two distortions have a comparable magnitude and a near out-of-phase difference ([Theta] = 180 [degrees]), cancellation between these distortions would occur, resulting in a dip phenomenon.
In fact, several complications make the pressure dip phenomenon hard to understand.