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Vesey crossed her dimpled hands on the edge of the table, smiled placidly, and said, "Yes, dear.
Vesey took her dimpled hands off the edge of the table and crossed them on her lap instead; nodded contemplatively at the boiled chicken, and said, "Yes, dear.
Vesey put one of her dimpled hands back again on the edge of the table; hesitated drowsily, and said, "Which you please, dear.
Vesey put the other dimpled hand back on the edge of the table; brightened dimly one moment; went out again the next; bowed obediently, and said, "If you please, sir.
Vesey still seated at the table, with her dimpled hands still crossed on the edge of it; apparently settled in that position for the rest of the afternoon.
By releasing the fibrous bands under the dimpled areas, Cellfina provides a long-term solution to cellulite in just one treatment session.
Unsurprisingly, the two are related - members of the borage family, with the same dimpled centre shared by many borages and giving one of them its common name: navelwort.
Pub boss Christian Townsley said that Germans have the beer stein and the British have dimpled pint pots and its a nice iconic British tradition to hold on to, as they have a lovely feel when you put them down on a beer mat.
The pan material can be supplied in either dimpled or a standard flat finish, depending on the application requirements.
We will bring to you, a dimpled beauty, a chiselled hulk and an iron-butterfly to talk Bollywood at the Conclave
India Today Conclave 2014 will bring to you a dimpled beauty, achiselled hunk and an iron butterf ly to talk about Bollywood
LIVERPOOL city centre pub the Blackburne Arms has taken a step back in time by stocking its shelves with a glass from the past - the dimpled pint pot, with handle.