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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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From spotlights to showcase artwork or photo frames, dimmer switches to create cosy, more intimate lighting to mood lighting and reading lamps, lighting plays an important part in the home.
But I still have a problem with a number of lights with dimmer switches.
Using dimmer switches in living rooms and bathrooms before going to bed can be helpful.
You can control the degree of light by using dimmer switches which gradually change the atmosphere.
They are putting more effort into new designs that accommodate compact fluorescent bulbs, use electronic ballasts and incorporate dimmer switches and automatic controls.
Use dimmer switches or soft tone bulbs with ceiling lights and table lamps to create pools of light in the rest of the room.
Dimmer switches are fairly cheap to install and can quickly change the look of a room.
At his Woodlands store he carries thousands of electrical items - from fuses to dimmer switches, from kettles to power tools.
After showing you around - the ready-to-light firewood stack in the fireplace, the control for the jets in the spa, the dimmer switches for just about every light in the place - he takes off, and you're on your own.
Fittings include low voltage ceiling lights to kitchen and bathrooms, dimmer switches to main and table lamp circuits in the lounge, a burglar alarm with alert buttons in the entrance hall and master bedrooms and smoke detectors.
Consumers now have the option of buying CFLs with dimmer switches, portable dimmer rings, and harp extenders for oddly-shaped bulbs.
They do not work in all types of light fixtures or with dimmer switches.