dimethyl polysiloxane

di·meth·yl pol·y·si·lox·ane

(dī-mĕth′əl pŏl′ē-sĭ-lŏk′sān′)
A polymer composed of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms and having two methyl groups attached; it can, depending on molecular weight, have properties ranging from oils to plastics.
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The bladder coating is formulated with dimethyl polysiloxane lubricants, but at quantities not enough to provide continuous lubrication beyond several cures.
It consists of dimethyl polysiloxane, an amino functional siloxane crosslinker, and filler dispersed in naphtha to 47 percent solids by weight.
They contained a clear liquid and one was labelled dimethyl polysiloxane.
Dimethyl polysiloxane and dimethyl silicone are two of the most common anti-foaming agents.
Comments: The combination of white cross-linked dimethyl polysiloxane elastomer powder and lauroyl lysine improves flow and reduces agglomeration, providing superior handling ease; allows creation of innovative textures; has good compaction properties; high sebum absorption profile.
Another new material is Jeesile 6056 (dimethyl polysiloxane), a 60% active silicone emulsion of a dimethyl polysiloxane gum.
Among hybrid materials, dimethyl polysiloxanes and methyl phenyl polysiloxanes have seldom been studied to manufacture coatings with good chemical inertness and anti-corrosion features.