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Principal market segments will be radial tire, power-transmission-belt and hose-reinforcement applications in support of the industry's continuing transition from the standard-modulus to the more dimensionally stable HMLS yarns.
Since Sol-X2 utilizes a proprietary internal concentrator, the modules are dimensionally equivalent to standard flat plate modules and don't require a complex tracking mechanism.
Each model dimensionally interchangeable to up to 4 sizes of worm drives
This novel silicone rubber is offered for the dimensionally accurate production of reusable vacuum bags.
As is ever the case with new vehicles, the '07 is dimensionally larger than its predecessor in all parameters but one.
5 is dimensionally larger in the body and the head and the two are in no way interchangeable.
Precision sand casting (PSC) is a molding technique used to produce dimensionally accurate castings with thin sections through the use of chemical binders and dimensionally accurate and durable pattern equipment.
told how high-functionality polyol mixtures can be used to fine-tune HFC-245fa PUR spray formulations to achieve dimensionally stable, Class I fire-rated foam for wall insulation.
All Explorer bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with standard bearings, the company said.
The piston and mated liner are made of dimensionally stable, sapphire-hard ceramics which ensure long term, drift-free accuracy of 1% or better for millions of maintenance-free cycles.
Polymer concrete technology can provide dimensionally stable, corrosion resistant, pre-cast base plate and foundation systems that lower total installed cost and improve rotating equipment reliability.