dimensional stability

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di·men·sion·al sta·bil·i·ty

the property of a material to retain its size and form.

dimensional stability

the resistance of radiographic film to image distortion from warping or changing size or shape during processing.

di·men·sion·al sta·bil·ity

(di-menshŭn-ăl stă-bili-tē)
Property of a material to retain its size and form.

dimensional stability,

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In addition, the transfer of the majority of IC test and packaging processes to Southeast Asia has added a new challenge, that these materials maintain good dimensional stability in environments with a high moisture content.
While olefins generally offer excellent initial toughness, they are prone to inconsistent weathering, poor dimensional stability, and cold temperature performance, and have limited processing parameters.
It is typically specified for applications needing 180 degC temperature resistance, good dimensional stability, low creep, high modulus, good flow length, and the ability to meet regulatory requirements.
Moreover, it provided improved flow, superior adhesion, and excellent dimensional stability over the 134a control and was at least comparable to the HCFC-22 control.
It is formulated with Oxetane Advantage chemistry for high dimensional stability and green strength.
Volvo's "Future Process for Castings" uses chemically bonded sand molds with a water-cooled steel chill to increase casting strength and dimensional stability while reducing environmental concerns.
He became an assistant professor of engineering at IPST in 1994 and an associate, professor in 2000, His current research interests include the mechanics of paper and dimensional stability.
All of the teak timber is kiln-dried and seasoned before cutting, resulting in dimensional stability and a lifetime of use.
The new wheel bearings from National Wheel End Components are engineered to deliver increased strength and dimensional stability, ensuring longer service life in the most demanding heavy-duty operating environments.
Two new low-durometer TPUs offer high moisture transmission and low swell for improved dimensional stability.
Intuitively, one will accept that lowering aspect ratio would increase a tire's radial stiffness and dimensional stability.
RHCM technology alone does not eliminate sink marks, nor does it improve the dimensional stability of parts.