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Diglossia FZ-LLC, launched in 2014 as a global language assessment company dedicated to fostering language development and literacy throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
Understanding curriculum planning and how languages are appropriated for instruction at each grade level allow bilingual teacher candidates to create appropriate lessons that are designed to teach language and content, while keeping in mind the issues of diglossia.
The interlingual dynamics, though, are more complicated than even the most flexible analysis conceived in terms of diglossia alone could reveal.
Linguistic distance and initial reading acquisition: the case of Arabic diglossia.
They had been formed in the circumstances of diglossia, under the influence of the rhythm of a foreign language.
This enforced a situation of diglossia, as interpreted by Fishman (1967), and reinforced the interruption of language transmission as families were very often advised by teachers to stop speaking Valencian to their children if they wanted them to succeed in life (Montoya Abat & Mas i Miralles 2011).
We refer to this henceforth as the Diglossia Theory.
Unification meant the hastening of the end of diglossia in Italy, certainly in the Fergusonian sense, with the adoption of a national language for both written and spoken communication.